Let's be social!

Follow people around you to see what they're sharing
and discover accounts that share things similar to your
common interests from all around the world.

Why Is It Special

Explore around you

With the active location feature, you can share stories and see the shared stories that were made in your current location. Wherever you are, it’s always with you.

Share your story

You can share each moment you live with users in your current location. You can also discover new people who have common interests. Live your life, share every moment of it.

Collect stars

You can give star to the shared stories of users near you. You can also increase the star number of your profile by collecting stars for your own stories. Collect the stars, stay on the top.

A simple application easy to use

Fociety is a social networking platform that you can share active location based stories. With this app, you can view, share, comment and give a star to stories of members close to you. You can also collect stars from people near you by sharing stories and increase the star of your profile.

Why Fociety App?

Awesome Experience

You can share the moment you live interactively with people around you and collect stars to your stories.

Fast and Simple

To take a picture, tap the capture button at the bottom of the screen. To take a video, hold the capture button down.

Cloud Based

Fociety lets you access your stories from multiple devices. In this way, your stories are always with you.

Perfect Design

It's compatible with your all mobile devices thanks to dazzling dance of millions of pixels.

Privacy and Security

You can secure chat with people around you and meet new people from all over the world.

24/7 Online Support

We welcome your suggestions and ideas. If you're looking to give feedback, contact via phone or chat.


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Fociety is a collection of story captured within the past 24 hours. Your story is visible to all users, depending on your active location by default. You can also see all the stories shared around you. You can limit who will see your story by changing your location services.

At Fociety, we believe that everyone should be free in social media. Innovation and simplicity make us happy: our goal is to enable people to interact with new friends by making instant shares. We are excited to help you share your best moments.

You can easily download Fociety from your phone's application store. Please note if you received a notification that isn't supported by your version of Fociety, you'll need to update Fociety. We encourage you to always use the latest version of Fociety. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.

Fociety started in December 31, 2018 in Samsun. As our idea evolved, our team continued to grow and proceed. We are currently trying to improve our idea with our strong and dynamic team. We noticed that in social media, people are limited to their social circle only. Thereupon, we dreamed of establishing a platform where people could transcend in the digital world.